Mama, three years in Heaven.

I woke this thinking about my Mama. I have dreamt about her twice since I got here. My Mama died three years ago today, I was sitting in this same condo in Florida when I was told that my mama died.

Hearing that news released a primal scream that came from deep, deep within me. How could it be? One word to describe my mama’s death was, unexpected. Just a month earlier I was here with her. She was healthy. Until she left I never really knew that you could just leave if you didn’t want to be here. She didn’t want to be here.

I should not have been surprised. After all, just a month earlier she told me she was done. Ready to go. Had lived all of the life she wanted to live. No unfinished business. All business in fact. Matter of fact, in fact. This photo was taken just weeks before mama passed.

If I step back. If I look at this far from a daughter’s heart, I would see something very different. I would see a life well lived. I would see a woman who did all that she came to this planet to do. I would see someone at peace. Actually from that vantage point, so far from my heart, it is a beautiful thing.

My mama lived her life on her own terms. She died on her own terms, as well.

So, as I move forward in this day, I am going remember that.



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