My second mama.

Yesterday, my second mama turned 86.

I first met her on my 29th birthday, which is some time ago. John and I were already engaged so it was great that we loved each other from the first day. When John and I got married I slipped naturally into a groove where I called her Mom. She and I have a lot of fun together, and a lot in common. The worst thing we have in common is that we both lost a son the day after our birthdays. It was she who gave me much comfort during the days that followed Joe’s passing. My favorite thing about mom is that she loves laughing, and so do I.

Mom raised six kids who were born in a seven year span. All six are sweet, wonderful people. She done good. I will always be grateful that she raised my husband, John, the kindest, nicest person I have ever met.

To say Marlene is a wonderful grandma is an understatement. She always was and is a blessing to all of her grand and great grandchildren.

Happy Birthday, wonderful lady!


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