Papa J’s.

Sadie sent me a text this morning letting me know that there was a fire at Papa J’s.

Papa J’s is a restaurant on Main Street in Carnegie. It is within walking distance to Sadie’s apartment at our house in Carnegie. Papa J’s is one of the reasons that I wanted to buy and restore a house in Carnegie. When you drive down Main Street in the morning you can smell garlic and fresh bread baking. It is magical.

I love the architecture and history of the building. For someone who loves that kind of stuff like I do, everywhere you looked there was something grand to see.

I was there this week for my book club meeting and here is a photo of Sadie and Johnny when we were there last Friday night. It was a warmer than usual night and the large doors were open exposing us to fresh air and the happenings on Main Street.

Watching the images of the flames shooting out of the top of this building I love did not feel good.

This morning people are out of their apartments, restaurant and jobs. Their lives are all very different this morning.

That is how life happens, in a minute. We are not guaranteed anything. The only moment we have is this one. This day. Tomorrow, all can change. So, embrace today. Appreciate, validate and communicate with the people you love.

Live in the moment.





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