National Library Worker Day.

Today is National Library worker day. I have loved the library since I was a small girl. I remember when they first opened the library in Mt. Oliver where my grandma lived. I would walk there, sit on the floor and look at books. Not long after that, Baldwin Borough opened a library in the municipal building that was located just beyond the edge of my backyard.

I remember when my kids were little I would tell them that reading a book was like watching a movie in their heads. We made many trips to the Carnegie Free library in Carnegie.

One year I made it my New Year’s resolution to read 100 books in one year. I did it! I don’t think I have read a total of 100 books since that time in 2009.

My childhood friend works at Mt. Lebanon library and this photo is my niece, Shannon, who works at the Peter’s Township Library.

So, to them, Happy Library Worker’s day!


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