Touching my heart.

I woke up feeling very sentimental today. I can’t remember my dreams, but I am thinking they had been about Joe or my parents.

Emotions can be like that, one minute you are feeling one way and bam, things change and you are feeling another. I’m going to take a little quiet time this morning. Pray for those who have left. Those that I am missing. It is okay for me to feel this way. I just don’t like to stay here too long.

As I type this I look around my condo. I see all the smiling faces of the people that I miss sitting in pretty frames on a shelf.  I take a deep breath. It is okay. I never forget that I will always have my memories of happy times together. I will rest on my faith that we will all be together again some day in the future.

Stepping in and touching this place in my heart is okay. I just know that spending too much time here is not good for me. Not good for anyone.

So, today, hug the people you love. Also, sit quietly for a moment and send good thoughts and prayers to those you love who have moved on. You will always have your wonderful memories. They are really never too far away.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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