Cinco de Mayo

Each year I post the same blog on May 5th.

Today is the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo has always been a big deal in our house.  Since Joe was Mexican and we always wanted him to embrace his heritage, we celebrated with enthusiasm.  I remember one morning when I was waiting for the kids to come into the kitchen.  As I heard them approaching, I turned on a Spanish CD and began juggling lemons.  I served Mexican breakfast burritos.  Joe and Sarah laughed, and thought I was crazy.  I love that memory.

When Joe was in grade school, I took authentic Mexican treats to school.  Every year Joe shared Mexican wedding cookies, which he loved.

If Joe was here today, we would go to Moe’s restaurant and he would order a “Joey bag of donuts.”  As life moves forward I will always have those memories of times with Joe.  As I sit here and think about the many Cinco de Mayo days, I have to make a choice.  Do I let the memories make me happy or make me sad?  I am choosing happy.

I hope that wherever my Joe is today, there is a giant bottle of hot sauce right there with him. I will always love you, my favorite Mexican boy.


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