Mother’s day.

Today is Mother’s day. It is my third without my mama, and, this is hard to believe, the seventh without my son, Joe. If I chose to, I could find a lot of sadness in that. I don’t choose to do that.

In this life, I have been very blessed. I do miss my mama and Joe. Every minute of every day. However, it is because I had a mama who was so caring and loving for the first 54 years of my life, that I miss her so much now. And, Joe, well it is because of him that I was able to become a mama. Joe was born in Los Angeles and we picked him up in the hospital when he was just one day old. It is a miracle that I was given the opportunity to know and love him.

My greatest blessing today is my Sarah. She too is a miracle of adoption. She brings joy and light into every day. I also love her two biological sisters like they are my own daughters as well.

So, today I count my blessing. The blessings that are here and the blessings in heaven.

I think of the two kind and selfless woman who chose life for my children. They gave me the two greatest gifts I have ever received. I will be forever grateful to them.

I hope that no matter where your mother or children are today, that you too can see the blessing in having known them.

Happy Mother’s day.


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