Show up people.

Yesterday I wrote about the Pittsburgh Marathon. John and Sadie had a great time. They ran the race with our friend and neighbor, Todd.  Todd ran with them to support Sadie as she ran her first half-marathon.

Along the way they saw Todd’s wife, Michelle and son, Jake. Michelle and Jake were cheering for the runners.

This is what you need to know about these friends of ours, they are what I call “show up” people. I love this little family, like family. They show up. When you need help with something, they show up. When you want to go to happy hour, they show up. When you have a tragedy, they show up. And, yesterday, they showed up.

At one point a runner came up to Michelle and handed her an envelope. This note and a dollar bill were inside the envelope.

I read this and it brought a tear to my eyes. Michelle was showing up for total strangers. I love her like the little sissy I never had. I am so proud of her ability to show up. It is great to know that she teaches fourth grade for a living and shows up every day for her class. It is all good.

Today, thank the show up people in your life. Better yet, be one.

Happy Monday.



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