Stepping forward.

I have learned something new about myself. I have been on a path of isolation. Pain did that to me. Made me not want to move. Not want to leave the house. Over the last year the slope has been gradual. So slight I didn’t really notice it. Until now.

I am not a person prone to depression. I’m happy about that because I could see how that might make that slope even more slippery. I can see, looking at it now, that I have been leaving the house less and less. Pain is exhausting. It does create an environment of stillness.

I do still talk with people through calls, texts and Facebook, but is that really enough? No. I see John every day, but even my time with him has changed dramatically since he began working in downtown Pittsburgh last July. Before that it had been 20 years of us both working from home. My job creates an environment of isolation. I make a sales and marketing tool for a few glass and window treatment companies through the United States. In the twenty years of doing this, I have had face to face contact with my clients only twice.  Even shopping has taken on a front door convenience since finding Amazon Prime. Even this blog has changed. For six years I never missed writing my daily blog, until recently.

It is time for a change. Time for me to do this a different way. Take my focus off the pain. Place my attention on the things that always gave me joy. Find a new path. If I continue to stay where I am, slowly being swallowed up by pain, I shutter to think of what will become of my future.

Today, I am meeting a friend for lunch then I am going to visit a few of my favorite resale shops. I’m going to move. Take my focus off pain. Since it is true that we attract more of what we focus on, the time is now to change my focus.

So, today is a new day for me. A step forward.

It is a good day.


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