A mind set.

I read an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday. It was titled, Medicine, heal ourselves. I read this:

“Patients come to their doctor expecting to be healed. This expectation, if properly nurtured and managed by a caring physician, accounts for a good 40 percent of the patient’s healing. How else can we explain the genuine healing powers of shamans, folk-healers and curanderos? These old-time physicians were able to cure without lab tests, MRIs or backgrounds in science.”

I didn’t know the percentage was as high as 40 percent, but it makes sense to me. I had to wait six months for an appointment with a doctor. At the first visit I saw him and thought he was thorough and a great doctor. My follow up appointment and every appointment since I only see the physician’s assistant. When I ask if I can have appointments with the physician they told me I would have to wait five months and, “the physician’s assistant is just as good as the doctor.” Now, I think a lot of it is a personality conflict between us, but I don’t have the feeling of being helped to heal.

We are what we think. We are what we believe.

With 40 percent of my healing on the line, I think it is time for a change.

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