Sandra Bullock’s wisdom

I watched an interview with Hoda KotbĀ  and Sandra Bullock. They were talking about adoption.

Sandra Bullock said the following:

“I hope me telling my story let’s people know that there is no end game. There are hundreds of thousands of children that are ready to be your child. You are a forever parent the minute that you accept the love of that child. It is amazing to me how we can take away people’s happiness by telling them that this is the box they have to stay in. There is no box. Now, being a mom I finally realized, oh, this is what I was supposed to do when I grow up. Not be an actress, to be a mom. This is my purpose and I knew it at a very young age. I felt that calling, but I had to wait to become the mom I was supposed to be for the kids that were waiting for me.”

I simply love and agree with all of that.

Go, Sandra.


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