An amazing sign from Joe!

Something quite fantastic happened yesterday. I have been talking a lot lately about signs from heaven. Todays sign from Joe was really quite amazing to me.

My neighbor told me that he noticed there was something wrong with the birdhouse he has on a tree in his backyard. He told me that the yarn I had put in my tree was stuffed into the house. What? That was more than three years ago!

Here is my blog from May 14, 2015.

It’s that time of year again. A few years ago a sweet friend of mine gave me a great idea. Her preschool class took yarn pieces and put them in a suet. They placed the suet in a tree and the birds would find building materials for their nests.

I chose purple yarn since purple and birds always remind me of Joe.

I hope to see a little purple in a nest before too long.

Happy Thursday.

Okay, yesterday was July 29, 2018! My neighbor says he cleans out the birdhouse every month, so the way it looked yesterday was something new.

There was so much yarn you can even see it on the ground.

Wow! So wonderful! I had often looked in trees, back in 2015, to see if there were any nests with purple yarn. I never saw it.

Now this!

Joe always knew how much I loved birds. He loved purple. Seeing that purple yarn in that birdhouse, well, that made my day.

Thanks, Joe!



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