Great joys.

This continues to be a wonderful time for our family. Sadie’s sister, Aubrey, and her baby, Noa, are still visiting from Houston.

As I held Noa last night my emotions caught in my throat. We are so blessed to know her. To have her and her family in our lives.

I am so, so happy for Sadie. She is really enjoying this time with her sister and niece. As Sadie’s mom, it brings so much joy to me to see it. Meeting another sister and her family means so much to Sadie. As for me, well, I am thrilled to have another daughter and a baby, I guess a grandbaby, to love.

Families are formed all kinds of ways and under all kinds of circumstances. We are not a traditional family. We never have been, but that is okay. Our family has experienced great joy and huge sorrow. Now, I am happy that the great joys are many.

Love is all and love is everyone.



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