National Lipstick day.

Today is National Lipstick Day. Lipstick always reminds me of my mama.

I love that my mama was always up for any adventure. I remember this day. Just before we got out of the car she put on her red lipstick. My mom never wore any other makeup but lipstick. Honestly, most days I wear no make up either. And, the same is now true for Sadie. I don’t know if it is lazy, or my mama just raised me to be comfortable with the face God gave me, wrinkles and all.

One of the days that I picked my mama up for lunch she told me that she needed to go to the drug store and get a new lipstick. When we walked down the aisle I asked her, “Mama, are you looking for a red lipstick?” She paused, smiled and said, “Susan, is there any other color?”

My mama rocked bright red lipstick all of the time. When I think of my mama’s spirit now, I think of the color bright red. Vibrant, alive, bright red.


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