When I was young I only associated anniversaries with good things. That is not true for me anymore. Anniversaries can be rough. Can be painful. Anniversaries make us time travelers. Anniversaries can pick off a scab and open a wound so deep you think you will be lost in it forever.

Anniversaries are not even just about the day. For me, my anniversary starts March 1. March is a difficult month for me to navigate. Even the smell of the air during that month awakens a lot of emotions.

Today is an anniversary. Just as citizens we feel the impact of what this day means to our country. I did not personally know anyone who perished on September 11, 2001. However, today, my heart feels the loss that every mama, wife, sister and daughter felt that day.

Pray today. Pray for peace in the hearts of the countless people affected with loss on this day.

God bless these mourners.

God bless America.


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