Pitch it!

I am a bit of a packrat. A saver. I am a, one day I might need it, kind of girl. John, to put it mildly is the complete opposite.

John and I built our house and moved in 17 years ago. That’s a long time. Other than my childhood home, this is the longest I have lived in one place. It is the third place that John and I have lived together.

When we moved into this house I loved the fact that the kitchen was about three times the size of the kitchen in our last house. I had so much space, it was wonderful. Well, now, all the cabinets and drawers are packed and full. Such bad Feng Shui.

This is one cabinet. Do you think I need more cookbooks?

Today, I am pretending that we are once again moving. I am cleaning the cabinets and drawers and I am pitching. If it isn’t something I would take to a new house (if there was one) then I am getting rid of it.

Sometimes too much space is an excuse for more stuff.

Well, back to work.

Happy Wednesday!


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