Shot day.

Today is shot day. Every other Friday I get a shot of Humira. I fought for two years to find another way. I didn’t want to take Humira. Sure, on the commercials you see all the smiling faces of those enjoying the benefits of the drug. However, it was less convincing when you heard the long list of side effects that could potentially kill you.

My quality of life was at about 20%. Everything hurt. Constantly. I couldn’t even open a water bottle. I could barely walk. I had very little use of my hands. My SED rate (level of inflammation in the body) was 56. It should be between 0-30. It is now 2. Yes, TWO.

Last week I painted my dining room. I painted a cabinet for the dining room. I am cleaning the house again.

SO, with all that said, I am willing to experience the bite of the shot for about 10 seconds, to be nearly pain-free for the next two weeks.

Happy Friday.

Thank God for your pain-free body.


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