Last Tuesday I spent the 90 degree weather day, in my pool. It was so hot it was almost unbearable and I was in the water. Just four days later it feels like late October.

John, Sadie and I went to Bloomfield yesterday. We enjoyed lunch, a trip to a vinyl record store and a stop at a bakery.

I love exploring neighborhoods is a fun pastime.

It began raining the other day and it still continues. As I sit in my house, high on the top of a hill, I can’t help but think of all of those who live in the flood zones. They have been through so much this summer. We take so many things for granted. Having a dry home is something I never even thought about until this summer.

Today is a good day to get my fall decorations out of the attic. I do love the change of season.

Take a moment today to say a prayer for those in the flood zones.

It will be a stay in the house kind of day today.

Happy Sunday.



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