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I woke this morning feeling sadder than usual. I watched too much news coverage yesterday. I haven’t really watched the news, other than for the weather, since Joe passed. Yesterday our local news, David Muir, CNN and others were here, broadcasting. Too close to home.  Even the horrible person who committed this crime attended my [...]

Prayers for the grieving.

Saturday morning John’s cell phone began ringing. It was an alert from his employer, UPMC. John read the alert and said that the code sent to him meant there was an active shooter in the area. What? This weekend was a rough weekend in Pittsburgh. A shooter walked into the Tree of Life synagogue and [...]

Consider yourself lucky.

Are you feeling super lucky and blessed today? Do you have worries? Think about this…. If you have $15 to your name, you are in the top 8% of the World’s wealthiest people. So…when you are thinking, shoot, all I have is $15, consider yourself blessed. Worldwide, 780 million people do not have access to [...]

How do you make people feel?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  I love that! When John coached Joe’s baseball team, when Joe was very young, he used to tell me something similar.  John said that when the boys were older they [...]

A wonderful memory.

When I logged on to my computer this morning a photo popped up as a memory on Facebook. This is the photo. I remember this day SO clearly! The kids were both so excited. I also remember that Joe wore that head every day for a LONG time after Halloween. Once, while wearing it to [...]

29 years.

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. I have been married half of my life. Life hasn’t always been easy, but no life is, or should be.  Johnny and I have been through many wonderful things together.  We experienced the birth and miracle of adoption, not just once, but twice.  We were honored and blessed that [...]

Papa J’s

I got a text from John this morning. He was driving to the busway and saw this. This is what remains of the restaurant Papa J’s in downtown Carnegie. This is how I will remember it. When we bought our house on 6th Avenue, I would drive by Papa J’s a few times a day. [...]

Just ask for the sign.

Saturday night  I had a dream that I was on the deck of a cruise ship. I felt bad that mom and dad weren’t there. They loved cruises and took me on more than a half dozen of them while they were still on the planet. I saw a friend of my onboard. She said, [...]

Sign from Joe.

Thank you to everyone who checked in with us on Joe’s birthday. During the day of Joe’s birthday John received a sign from Joe. Since Joe was born on 10/10/91 the number 10 always reminds us of Joe. John was busy at work on Wednesday. At one point he glanced down at his watch. He [...]

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Joe!

Twenty-seven years ago, John and I received a message on our phone, “Congratulations! Don’t be alarmed, but your baby boy was born today! Get your plans together and get to California as fast as you can.” Wow. That was a super shock to us. As it was, we only filed for adoption just three weeks [...]