Joe’s help in TJMaxx.

It was a nice weekend.

John was coming home at 3:00 Saturday afternoon. Although we don’t live far from the airport, I left early so that I could pop HomeGoods and TJMaxx.

I was walking around in TJMaxx when I heard a baby coughing. The cough reminded me of Joe. When Joe was a baby he developed a lot of allergies. His worst time of year was at the change of season from summer to fall, so this time of year.

I had been thinking a lot about Joe over the last week. You may find it hard to believe but I felt a presence in the house the entire time that John was away. I woke during the night on Tuesday and I could see that the light was on downstairs. Scared me because I KNOW I turned it off. It happened twice. I finally said, “I get it Joe, you are here, now knock it off with the light you are scaring me.” It didn’t happen again.

So, when I heard the baby crying I said to Joe, “the baby sounds like you, Jody. Help him if you can.” A few minutes later I was in the toy department (not a place I frequent, but it was time to buy birthday gifts). While I was there the cough became much louder. I turned to my right and the mama and baby where right next to me. I smiled at the obviously stressed mama. Just as I said hello to her the baby began coughing again. I looked at the baby then at his mama. She said, “He just won’t quit coughing and I don’t know what to do. He has never coughed like this before.” I said, “You know, when my son was a baby he often coughed like that. He had allergies and maybe your son does too. It’s okay, but I think if I were you I would call the doctor and take him in to be seen.” She just starred at me for a moment and I thought I may have overstepped into her business.

Her eyes filled with tears and she said, “I have been so worries. I just asked for a sign as to what to do and you showed up. Are you real? Are you an angel?” She was laughing now. I said, no, I am no angel, but my son is and I really think he made this connection possible.”

She said wow and asked if she could hug me. Of course, I said yes.

I thanked my Joe as I walked away.

Heaven is not so far away.

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