Last thought.

I believe that the last thought you have before you fall asleep is the thought that rests comfortably in your subconscious until you wake again in the morning.

So, if that is true, the last thing I do is give thanks. I also take a few minutes to visualize my life as I want to see it. I visualize the people on my prayer list in perfect health. If I have a problem, I visualize it being solved. I breathe white pure healing light into every cell in my body.

First thing in the morning I sit in a chair and give thanks for being given another day. We take waking up in the morning for granted. You would be surprised how many people did not wake up this morning. I set my intention for the day. I take deep breaths and ask to be given the opportunity to be the very best me that I can be.

Give it a try.

It is all good.


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