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Heaven in my kitchen.

Last night I had a dream that my parents and Joe were all sitting around my kitchen table. They were talking and laughing quietly with each other. My parents were both smiling at Joe in the way that grandparents smile at a grandchild. Their eyes hung on his every word. As hard as I tried, [...]

All is well.

Some days all you can do is put one foot in front of the other. Other days you can be jump out of bed and hit the ground running. Whatever kind of day you are having today, I hope there is peace in your heart. All is well.


John, Sadie and I spent the last few days in Virginia. We spent Thanksgiving with John’s sister and her family. The older I get the less family I seem to have in my life. This weekend I felt blessed and very happy to call this family my own. Not only did we have fabulous meals, [...]


I woke up this morning, relatively pain-free. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for a lot. Today, we are driving to Virginia to spend the holiday with John’s sister and family. We are so blessed. My wish for everyone is that all are able to enjoy the people in your lives. That pain [...]

A great memory.

It’s Monday morning. What a great weekend. We spent Friday night in town. There were many wonderful things that happened that night. My favorite moment was when we were standing near the ice rink at PPG Place. It was so cold that night. There were singers and skaters and it was taking a long time [...]

Light up night!

I woke up to the first snow of the year. I love when the snow clings on the trees. It is beautiful. It is Light Up Night in Pittsburgh tonight. John and I are going to stay in town tonight. Enjoy the festivities. I am so thankful. Last year there would have been no way [...]

A day For Good.

Dear friends and family, As I type this letter I cannot believe that it is eight years since I last hugged my son, Joe. I miss his smile and his giant belly laugh. I miss his energy in our house. This time of year, the holidays shine a bright light on what we are all [...]

Three in the nest.

I am back in Pittsburgh. I have not left the house since I arrived home the other day. Somewhere between Florida and here I caught some type of virus. I am on the mend now. I am so lucky that I can work from my house. Yesterday was a great day. Sadie came over for [...]

Homeward bound.

Well, that was a fast week. I will finish packing up and get on the highway. As I drive over the causeway I will give thanks. I love this little island and my friends who live here. It was so nice to exhale and relax. I read, listened to music, prayed, ate, drank and laughed. [...]

Happy Birthday, Johnny!

I talk often about John in these blogs.  He is a good sport. I speak of his love of ice cream and chocolate.  I speak of his support of his family and friends.  And, I will do it again today. John is kind, smart, soft-spoken and funny.  I met John when we worked together at the Residence [...]