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Call your Mama.

This photo popped up as a memory of mine from February 28, 2014. Three Tischler kids and their mama. Wow, five years ago. I remember that day so clearly. I suggested getting our picture taken together. We were all together at our condo in Florida. That never happened. It was a tiny special moment in [...]

Say something nice.

Today is National Say Something Nice day. I’m going to start by saying thank you. Thank you to all of the people, family, friends and strangers, who have stood by me and loved and supported me and my family. When Mr. Rogers was a young boy and he would see something scary on the news [...]


I am back in my home. Traveling is always fun, but it is exhausting. It is shot day for me. I can tell it is time for Humira. I don’t think I will be doing all that much today. It is a good day to knit. I am getting better at it. While I was [...]

Back home.

Well, we are packed up and ready to go. It has been a fun five days. I was able to spend a lot of time with my girl, Sadie. She is busy these days. She works long hours and she is taking classes towards her M.B.A. So, five days together  has been super great. I [...]


Today is our last day in Texas. It has been so fun to watch Sadie and Aubrey love each other. When you spend your first 22 and 26 years of your life without your sister, well, you want to make up for a lot of lost time. I am happy that, as Sadie’s mama, I [...]

Family time!

Well, that was a super fun two days! We arrived back in Houston yesterday afternoon. It is now family time. We met Aubrey and her gang at the Chick-fil-a so the kids could play while we spent time together. It is hard to believe that it has only been two years since we first met [...]

Waco and Magnolia.

Yesterday was a wonderful day for me. Sadie and I drove the 200 miles from Houston to spend some time in Waco. Sadie was able to see a friend that she hasn’t seen in a few years since they did their internships together at CMU. They had time together to catch up. We enjoyed lunch [...]

A snowy start.

Well, I am up early, showered and ready to go. John just sent me a text that he made it to work, but that the words were getting bad. It is snowing. Schools are on a delay. I just checked the status of our flight and it is delayed. Ugh. Sadie and I are heading [...]

Signs from Joe.

I don’t usually watch Dr. Oz. A few days ago I was turning the television off when I heard him talking to a guest about her near death experience. My ears perked up and I watched her story. The woman mentioned that her heart had stopped for more than two minutes. During that time she [...]

George Washington

Today is President’s day. One of my favorite George Washington quotes is, “Let your heart feel for the afflictions and distress of everyone, and let your hand give in proportion to your purse.” It sounds like George was not only an honest man, but kind and generous as well. Enjoy your day.