Day to day.

I woke this morning with many emotions in my heart.

As Mother’s day approaches I have been thinking a lot about my own mother. Honestly, I think of her often.  Since my belief is that when she shut her eyes in this life she opened them in the next, I am often curious about what she is doing now. Perhaps she is in a choir and singing. One of her favorite things.

I had a dream about Joe last night. He was singing in his band. I loved his voice. His favorite type of music was a lot of screaming, but, when he was more quiet his voice was heaven to me. He would often sing in the car. I would pretend that I was just driving. He didn’t like the attention, but I was listening.

This morning, this photo came up as a memory from eight years ago.

I think back to eight years ago today. Oh how I was struggling. Every day was a battle. It was only a little over a month since he left so abruptly and my heart could barely stand it. Just the sight of a pair of his shoes chopped me up. It was difficult.

Sometimes life is hard. During those days I lived moment to moment. Day to day was just too much. Eventually it became day to day, but it was a journey.  Now, here I am eight years out without my son. Is life easy? Nope. It is different, but, it is now okay.

If you are struggling taking life moment to moment is alright. I hope that you can know in your heart that one day everything is going to be okay.



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