Joe always helps me when I need it.

My anxiety has been high this week. Anxiety is not good for my body. Yesterday I found myself in a complete flair up  of my psoriatic arthritis.

John and I will be traveling to Europe on Saturday. I travel a lot, it is not new to me, however there are many  new variables this time. We are going to a lot of countries and cities that we have never seen before. The weather will be HOT. There is a ton of walking. We will be far from home. I will be far from my girl. Etc. Etc. Blah, blah, blah.

This morning I had America’s Got Talent on the television. I decided to sit on my meditation pillow and try to chill out and center myself for a while. Try to get myself centered. I turned the volume down and could barely here it. I sat on the pillow and began taking my very deep, deliberate breaths. The ones that help me to bring myself back into my body. Helps me to ground myself. With my eyes closed I spoke to my angels. I spoke to my son.

I began to feel calmer. I began to feel peace. Then, ever so faintly I began to hear singing. The song was Bridge Over Troubled Water, the song that always reminds me of my Joe and his beautiful voice. A song that I always hear just when I need it. I didn’t open my eyes right away. I didn’t want to break the spell. The calm was undeniable. My emotions caught in my throat and I began to cry. I continued breathing and when the song was over I opened my eyes. I rewound the DVD and watched this….

I’m sorry you will have to cut and paste that to view. Not sure what I was doing.

Thank you, Jody. I am going to work hard to stay in the feelings that I am having right now. Stay in the calm and the peaceful.

This is Grace.




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