National Lefthanders day.

Today is National Lefthanders day. This national day was created to spread awareness of the issues facing lefthanders. I am left-handed.

I recall a teacher (a nun) in the second grade telling me to sit on my left hand and use my other hand since God intended people to write with the right. Three years later my fifth grade teacher (a nun) told me that being left-handed made me special, but not in a good way and that I should practice writing with my right hand.

As I moved on to high school no one seemed interested in what hand I was using, but nearly all of the desks were designed for right-handed people. I adapted.  I golf, knit, use scissors and many other things with my right hand. About ten years ago I read an article that said the average left-handed person lives nine years less than those who are right dominant.  I began writing with my right hand. I now write with both and have two very different, but equally legible signatures. (I wonder what that would mean to a handwriting analysis)? I think that now makes me ambidextrious.

There is an increase in schizophrenia among us left-handed people. No one wants to hear that. When someone gives you a left-handed compliment, well, that is an insult. When I was a kid people would tell me I was a south paw. I had no idea what they were talking about.

On the upside, the connection between the left and right sides of our brains are faster, meaning we are more efficient at  dealing with multiple stimuli and using both sides of our brain more easily. We are creative and make great writers. We are also great leaders! Five of the last seven presidents were left-handed. Most world leaders (not sure that is saying much at the moment) are left-handed.

So, now you have some fun facts about your left-handed friends! Hug a lefty today!


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