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This too shall pass.

Wow! Thank you all so much! I heard from so many people yesterday. Everyone is so kind. I didn’t post that so that all of you would reach out to me, but reach out to other people in your lives who are suffering and may need a kind word or support. Today is beautiful fall [...]

Reach out.

I haven’t written much since I am home from Europe. To tell you the truth, while a ton of fun, that trip was hard on me physically. I have received messages asking me why I haven’t written, so now I will explain. Having a chronic illness sucks. That sums that up for me. I was [...]


Traditions: The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. When I was growing up we had a lot of traditions. Most of our traditions focused on the holidays. When my children were born we carried on those traditions and they became part of that. Fast forward a few decade and those traditions have [...]

Lion King and memories.

Last night Sadie, John and I went to the Benedum to see the Broadway Series production of Lion King. The Lion King holds a special place in my heart for me. To say that Sadie loved the Lion King when she was little would be an understatement. She and Joe had matching Lion King pajamas. [...]

What I know now.

It has been a while since I have posted a blog. The last blog was the day John and I were beginning our vacation. There are a few things that I learned during that trip: 1. For as different as we all seem as humans, we are all very similar. 2. The energy in Europe [...]