What I know now.

It has been a while since I have posted a blog. The last blog was the day John and I were beginning our vacation. There are a few things that I learned during that trip:

1. For as different as we all seem as humans, we are all very similar.

2. The energy in Europe seems much lighter than it does here. I expected it to seem different everywhere we went, but, overall, it just seemed lighter. Putting that feeling into words is difficult for me.

3. Seeing things like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the statue of David, etc., things I read about in books, was a humbling experience.

4. The Sistine Chapel was magical. As someone who loves seeing the arts and talents of people, it was amazing. You could feel the holiness of that space, if that makes sense.

5. I love live music. We saw a lot of different musicians during this trip. I saw a family of panhandlers on the train. The son, about 11 years old,  played the drum like a boss. The sad expression on his face is etched in my mind forever.

6. The beaches are not sandy on the Mediterranean but are small round rocks, the perfect kind to paint. Rocks are heavy and I only brought one home with me.

7. Italy, Monaco, France and Spain are all VERY hot in the summer.

8. If you love architecture Europe is a must see. Things build forever ago are still standing and as beautiful as the day they were build. We don’t have that kind of history in this country.

9. I would love to have been able to spend time with the architect and artist Gaudi. His work is pure love and magic. The moment I saw the Sagrada Familia I cried. It was that moving.

10. It seems like people enjoy life at a slower pace in Europe. Less aggressive. They don’t have guns and I’m not sure there are any alarm clocks.

11. It was a trip of our lifetime. John and I enjoyed every moment. I hope to some day be able to take a trip like that again, but who knows.

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