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Make your own dream come true.

For the last few months John has been telling me that I need a new car. Honestly, I have very little interest in cars. My current car is a 2011 Hyundai Elantra. It was purchased in May of 2011, just two months after Joe died. None of us could stand seeing the old Focus that [...]

30 years ago today. Happy Anniversary, Johnny!

This morning we are waking up to a foggy day.  That was not the case thirty years ago today.  It was snowing.  In Pittsburgh.  In OCTOBER! Yes, our wedding day did not start off on a good foot, weatherize, but, it has been thirty years and it has been a pretty good run. This photo [...]

Happy birthday in Heaven, Joe!

Today is Joe’s 28th birthday. He is celebrating it in Heaven. The last time I hugged my boy he was 19 years, 5 months and 21 days old. Not one hour passes that I don’t think about or talk to my son. This was Joe on his last earth birthday. People have said that they [...]

Joe Kimutis fund donates to local charity group.

Next week Joe will be celebrating his 28th birthday in Heaven. This is a perfect time for the Joseph Kimutis Memorial Fund to donate to local charities in his name. This week $1,000 was donated to the Ladies of Charity. They are a local group of women who do so much to help those in [...]