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Oh, mama.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. That happens to me about once a week. My mind was flipping my to do list over and over while I tried to find a comfortable position. I am feeling lucky about my sleep. From being the girl who was constantly in pain that kept me up and [...]

Life is Good.

It is so sunny in my family room and kitchen this morning, I could use my sunglasses. The sky is bright blue. I can hear the mourning doves cooing. Spring is on it’s way to us! I am currently PAIN-FREE! My Consentyx is working and ALL IS WELL. I am so so very grateful. March [...]

Snow day.

I woke up to the sound of a snow plow and four inches of snow this morning. It is a snow day here today. I remember when the kids were young and in school. We lived for snow days. I don’t know who loved them more, me or the kids. We would have hot chocolate, [...]