March and Blackbird.

Well, we are four days into March. For the last nine years March has not been my favorite month. I am changing that around this year. This year, I am finding something special in every day.

I will say the dream I had last month, about my mother, has really helped me. Gone five years and she is still helping me. Always practical, she told me to not pay attention to the dates. That where she is calendars don’t exist. That is what I have decided to do.  I am spending a lot of time in my memories. I am so lucky. I have many many wonderful memories of my son, Joe and both of my parents.

Last night I was watching a recording of the show “The Voice”. I glanced at the clock and it was 10:10, the time that always reminds me of Joe. Reminds me to pay attention,. Reminds me Joe is close. The last contestant was about to sing. He was a young man named Thunderstorm. With his first note I knew what he was going to play. He began to sing Blackbird by the Beatles.

Blackbird is a song that fills me to the brim with memories. I sang that song every night when my children were little. As I would hold them as they fell asleep, and rock them, I would count my blessings knowing, even then, that the days of rocking those kiddos were numbered. Blackbird was one of their nightly favorites.

Years ago I saw this piece at the Arts Festival and had to have it. Seeing it bubbles the memories up in my mind.

So here I sit starting March 4th with my head packed full of memories of those cuddly times with my kids.

All is well.

Life is good.


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