Seeing signs from Joe.

I am often asked how I see so many signs from Joe and my parents. Easy, I ask for them.

Yesterday, John and I were driving around downtown Fort Pierce. I have the crazy idea that we should buy a little fixer upper near the center of town. The song, Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day came on the radio. John and I both thought of Joe immediately. When Joe was about 13 he recorded that song for me for Mother’s day.

As soon as it began I said, “Hi Joe! I hope all is well with you.” Those words were still in the air when this truck pulled out in front of us.

It drove about two blocks and turned into a vacant parking lot. John and I both laughed saying Hi Joe, you can send us many signs, that would be great!

I thought, I am going to write about asking for signs from our loved ones tomorrow.

I woke very early this morning. I had been dreaming about Joe. John and Joe were wrestling on the family floor at our old house. Joe was laughing that deep, wonderful belly laugh that I miss so much. It was so great to see. I checked the time on my phone and saw that I had a message. My niece, Shannon, had send me this photo of a sign (yes, an actual sign of Joe) from a golf outing where we donated to the cause in his memory last August.

So, here I am now telling you, if you are missing someone who has passed, ASK THEM FOR A SIGN. Many many people think I am crazy by saying this, I am okay with that. It is my strong belief that when our loved ones shut their eyes in this life that they open them in a place that is so fantastic we can’t imagine it with our wildest imaginations.

They reside as spiritual balls of energy on a frequency much higher than that of our earthly vibes.  Especially when we are deep in grief, our energy is thick and heavy. When we sleep our vibrations rise and it is then that they are able to lower theirs enough to communicate with us. Ever have a dream that seems TOO real about someone you love? The memory of it doesn’t fade like a normal dream? Well, that is a visit and not a dream.

DON’T be afraid of them. I recently told a dear friend, if you weren’t afraid of them when they were here, certainly there is no need to fear them now that they are spiritual beings of love.

Just try it. Talk to them. Ask them to send you a sign. They are waiting to do it! THEN, don’t discount the sign saying it was coincidence, or was that really a sign. None of that stuff, if you think it was a sign, it was.

Signs can be anything. Often when I ask for a sign I am driving in my car. I drove Joe all of the free world when he was here, before he got his license. We had great conversations together. I have two pictures of Joe in my car now and I talk to him while driving, a lot. We are a musical family and he communicates often through songs that he knows will trigger my memory of him. I also see license plates, find coins, smell his cologne and many more. I have as many different things that I see as signs of both my mama and my dad.

I am not sure why I feel so connected to my loved ones while I am on this island. I think it is I allow the time to clear my mind, to pray and to meditate. I raise my vibration. I have said it before, I feel closest to heaven and God when I am here.

SO, today, ask for a sign! Sit quietly and talk with your loved ones. And, see what you see. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. Give them time and it will. They are as close to you as your own beating heart.

All is well.





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