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The Purple Painted Lady.

A package arrived for me this morning. The box had hand drawn hearts and smiley faces covering the outside of it. Just the sight of it was cheerful and gave my heart joy. I only placed the order on Wednesday so I was surprised to see it so quickly. The name of the company, “The [...]

A true appreciation.

Yesterday was a great day. That deserves it’s own paragraph. I was heading out to my garage on 6th. I had a quick errand to run before that, which took me near the TJMaxx/HomeGoods store. I knew they were opening and I was excited about that. I already had plans to visit the store with [...]

During this time.

Today is about day 75 of time in captivity. More than 9 weeks. That is a semester of school. So, what have you been learning during this time? I have decided to lean into this time. I’m not working, so there is nothing but time. Can you believe that? Nothing but time? Just sit and [...]

My Mexican Boy.

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at school with Joe – 5th grade. Cinco de Mayo is a day that always reminders me of my Mexican son, Joe.  When Joe and Sadie were small, Cinco de Mayo was a big deal in our house.  I would pull the pinata and the Mexican [...]

34 years ago today.

Today is the 34th anniversary of my journey through toxic shock syndrome. Things could have ended very differently for me. I am very grateful to the friends and doctors who saved my life during that time. This is an except from my book, Receiving Birth, detailing that experience. Receiving BIRTH 23 May 2, 1986 – A [...]