My Mexican Boy.

Today is Cinco de Mayo.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at school with Joe – 5th grade.

Cinco de Mayo is a day that always reminders me of my Mexican son, Joe.  When Joe and Sadie were small, Cinco de Mayo was a big deal in our house.  I would pull the pinata and the Mexican party flags out of the attic and decorate the house.  I would bake Mexican wedding cookies.

When I would hear the kids coming to the kitchen counter for breakfast,  I would hit play on the CD player, filling the air with Mexican music.  I would dance around the kitchen juggling lemons.  The kids would laugh, thinking I was crazy, but they loved every minute of it.  We made memories.

I had a friend living in San Diego who sent me a large box of authentic Mexican candy.  While Joe was in grade school I would send cookies to school with him.  He would stand up and tell his friends about the origin of Cinco de Mayo.  I would bring the pinata and decorations to school.  We served tacos and Mexican candy.   Joe was so happy.

John and I both always wanted Joe to be proud of his heritage.  He was proud.  I think that is why it was such a blow to him when he went to high school and was teased and called negative names because he was Mexican.

There will be tacos for dinner tonight, but no big Cinco de Mayo celebration with friends. Ugh. I always enjoy this celebration with friends.

I hope there is a Mariachi band playing in Heaven today. Think of my sweet Mexican boy today.  Say a prayer for him.  And, I am certain that if there is cornbread in Heaven, Joe is eating it, covered in hot sauce, of course.

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