The Purple Painted Lady.

A package arrived for me this morning. The box had hand drawn hearts and smiley faces covering the outside of it. Just the sight of it was cheerful and gave my heart joy. I only placed the order on Wednesday so I was surprised to see it so quickly. The name of the company, “The Painted Purple Lady”.

I was in search of a place online where I could buy the Annie Sloan paint that I like. I used Google and found “The Purple Painted Lady”. If you know me, you know that name was not lost on me. I was h0me.

Since the start of the quarantine I have been painting a lot. I mentioned in my blog the other day that painting calms me. A quote from their website said, “Painting cannot cure Corona, but it can help pass the time in quarantine.” Yep. Very true for me.

Lately I have received quite a few small pieces of furniture from friends who are cleaning out their homes while they are sheltering in place. I have a reputation of not meeting a piece of furniture that I didn’t love. I knew that Annie Sloan paints had small sample pots that would be just enough paint to cover a small piece. In the past I have bought my paint at a small store in Washington, PA. I noticed that The Purple Painted Lady sold their pots for $10.99 instead of the $14.99 a pot at my local store. I wanted to buy 6 pots so that adds up! Even with the shipping I still saved $20!

As you probably already know, I am a vibe girl. I immediately liked the vibe of this store that is located in Macedon, NY (not sure where that is) and the lady that owns it. I would love to visit it one day. There is a photo of ladies feet standing in a circle. They are all wearing purple converse sneakers. The very same ones that are on my feet at this moment.

I have owned more than one business in my day and this lady, Trish, is doing it right. When I opened the package and read her note and instructions I knew I would never buy my paint anywhere else. I want to learn new techniques and styles of painting and I am going to learn that from her website. From one purple lady to another, I am hooked.



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