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Going home

Well, other than me breaking my arm, we had a great visit to Houston. It is always nice to spend time with Sadie’s sister, Aubrey, and her family. When I saw Sadie for the first time the day she was born it took me about 30 seconds to love her as my daughter. That is [...]

a great day

even though i had one arm, yesterday was a good day. we shopped, had lunch and enjoyed a delicious dinner with AJ, the boys at AJs parents lovely home. it is all good    

Broken arm

We arrived in Houston Wednesday. We checked into the hotel, went to lunch and bought drinks and snacks for our room. We were having a great time. We returned to the hotel and the fun came  to a screeching halt. I did not see a a small, about 3 inch, curb. My foot stopped and [...]


Sadie and I are going to Houston this morning. Going to spend a few days with her sister and her family. We were last in Houston in May. I bet the kids have grown a lot since then. I was hoping to see and feel some warm weather for a while, but she sent us [...]

A new tradition.

Last night was our Tischler family Christmas. My nephew and his family were in Pittsburgh for Joe’s dinner so it was a night that we could all get together. Bob and Sherrie’s house is a great place to gather. Their house is decorated like a Christmas wonderland. Our traditions have changed. Back in the day [...]

Grateful hearts.

I am exhausted, overjoyed, grateful and very emotional. Yesterday was a HUGE success! We arrived early at the spaghetti dinner. We began arranging and lining the walls with auction items, more than sixty, donated by some of the finest people I know. The tables were  backed with boards that were covered in photos of Joe. [...]

Today is the day!

I woke up very early today. I could not fall back to sleep and have been up since 3:30. It’s okay, I’m excited. Today is the day! I love this day. My favorite day of the year. If you read my blog every day you will probably be glad when today is over. It is [...]

A day for Joe.

I’m excited. Tomorrow is our seventh (wow, time flies) Joe Kimutis Spaghetti dinner. It is my favorite day of the year. In the past I worried excessively about every detail of that day. Made myself sick over it. A wise person once told me that the dinner is not my event. It is a community [...]

Joe Kimutis

The sign is back up and we are ready for the spaghetti dinner this Saturday! It takes my breath away to see my son’s name in this way. This sign is so personal to me, that reading the words caught like a bone in my throat. Generally, things are very formal when it comes to [...]

St. Nicholas Day

I am waking up to empty stockings on the fireplace. Today is St. Nicholas day. I always loved filling the stockings. The kids would squeeze the bottom before dumping them out onto the floor. Nothing too terrific, just a few treats and an ornament for the tree. I took this photo in 2009. It was [...]