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Traditions: The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. When I was growing up we had a lot of traditions. Most of our traditions focused on the holidays. When my children were born we carried on those traditions and they became part of that. Fast forward a few decade and those traditions have [...]

Lion King and memories.

Last night Sadie, John and I went to the Benedum to see the Broadway Series production of Lion King. The Lion King holds a special place in my heart for me. To say that Sadie loved the Lion King when she was little would be an understatement. She and Joe had matching Lion King pajamas. [...]

What I know now.

It has been a while since I have posted a blog. The last blog was the day John and I were beginning our vacation. There are a few things that I learned during that trip: 1. For as different as we all seem as humans, we are all very similar. 2. The energy in Europe [...]

Something new. Ciao.

Today I am beginning a two week new experience for me. John and I are leaving for Europe. I have someone taking care of our house, all of my work is complete and all is good with my girl. There is nothing to have anxiety about. After all, travel was my family’s business. Travel is [...]

Joe always helps me when I need it.

My anxiety has been high this week. Anxiety is not good for my body. Yesterday I found myself in a complete flair up  of my psoriatic arthritis. John and I will be traveling to Europe on Saturday. I travel a lot, it is not new to me, however there are many  new variables this time. [...]

National Lefthanders day.

Today is National Lefthanders day. This national day was created to spread awareness of the issues facing lefthanders. I am left-handed. I recall a teacher (a nun) in the second grade telling me to sit on my left hand and use my other hand since God intended people to write with the right. Three years [...]

So grateful.

I love Sunday mornings. It is a reflective time for me. A time when I review my week. It was a good week. I have always been a believer of life after death but that was confirmed to me on Wednesday. (I wrote about that in my last blog). I have thought a lot about [...]

A visit with my parents and Joe.

A friend of mine had the Angel2Ladies, Charlotte and Eileen, to her house on Wednesday. They are psychic mediums. She invited a few of us to her home to get reading from these ladies. I was first. They spoke to me of my parents, grandmother, my mother’s brother who died in 1932 and my son, Joe. [...]

A Pin Oak Wedding.

Yesterday was a Pin Oak wedding day. Lucas got married. Lucas and his brother Zach lived across the street from us with their mother, Diane. We are all friends. During the years that the kids were growing up they were always together. Lucas has been like another son to me and a brother to Sadie. [...]

Happy Friday!!!

I woke up this morning and bounced out of bed. Ten hours of sleep! My body is grateful! My pain level is a three. To put that into perspective my pain level has not been a three for about that many years. Yesterday was such a productive day for me. I am so thankful for [...]