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Barbara Bush and her angel daughter.

Barbara Bush died this week. She was surrounded by her family. After her passing I saw interviews of her throughout her life. During one interview she talked about the death of the daughter, Robin, when Robin was only three years old. During the days leading up to her death she spoke often of her daughter [...]

Going home.

It is early. I see a tiny bit of sunlight creeping up over the horizon. My time here on the island is coming to an end. In a few hours we will be putting the suitcases in the car and heading north to Orlando. I have really enjoyed this time here with my sister. Sitting [...]

Happy Birthday, Treenie!

Today is my sister, Kathi’s, birthday. I rarely call her Kathi, to me she is Treenie or Katrina. I am blessed and thankful to have her in my life. She is my best friend, accountant, seamstress,  neighbor and second mother. I was named Susan because that is what Kathi called her baby dolls. I don’t [...]

Touching my heart.

I woke up feeling very sentimental today. I can’t remember my dreams, but I am thinking they had been about Joe or my parents. Emotions can be like that, one minute you are feeling one way and bam, things change and you are feeling another. I’m going to take a little quiet time this morning. [...]

National Gardening day.

I had a dream about my dad last night. He was in his backyard, gardening. He looked good. This morning I read that it is National Gardening day. So, in honor of my sweet daddy…. Happy Gardening day.

A peaceful space.

Everyone should have a special place to feel calm. Exhale. Be with your thoughts without interruption. I have that space in our house in Pittsburgh. I have that space here in Florida. This was my space yesterday. I was burning my sage, lighting my candles and listening to my meditation song, Krishna Das, Beautiful Song [...]

National Library Worker Day.

Today is National Library worker day. I have loved the library since I was a small girl. I remember when they first opened the library in Mt. Oliver where my grandma lived. I would walk there, sit on the floor and look at books. Not long after that, Baldwin Borough opened a library in the [...]

Back to the sunshine.

National Sibling day was yesterday. Today, my sister, Kathi and I are going to Florida for a week. We will celebrate being siblings and her birthday. I’m excited. I am looking forward to the time in the sunshine. Enough of the snow already. Life is good.  

Calling all angels.

Angels are everywhere. Yep, I really believe that. Last week I was in the car driving. I had a lot on my mind. Generally when I feel that way I think about Joe and my parents. I always ask for a sign from them during those times. This song came on the radio. The words: [...]

Centering Ourselves.

I read this article and just love it. I had to share. Centering Ourselves BY MADISYN TAYLOR All too often, our lives can be spread too thin, and it becomes important to gather our thoughts and center ourselves to become whole again. When our thoughts are scattered in several directions at once and we are no [...]