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National Children’s day.

Today is National Children’s day. It is a day to honor the children in our lives, National Children’s Day is a time to slow down our fast paced lives, turn off the tech and refocus on the important things.  Taking one day may not be enough, but using it as an opportunity to redirect our [...]

Snow and depression

A Facebook friend of mine shared the following. I had to share. When you have depression it’s like it snows every day. Some days it’s only a couple of inches. It’s a pain in the ass, but you still make it to work, the grocery store. Sure, maybe you skip the gym or your friend’s [...]


This morning’s news is that Anthony Bourdain, the host of “Parts Unknown” has taken his own life. It is just days since Kate Spade also died of suicide. Statistics are as follows: Suicide, due to emotion stress, is on the rise among women. Women with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety are nearly [...]

Kate Spade

I have been thinking a lot about Kate Spade since I first heard of her death. I have prayed for her husband, daughter and all who loved her. I am sure that they are neck deep in shock and grief. If we can learn something from Kate’s passing it is that we never truly know [...]

Sandra Bullock’s wisdom

I watched an interview with Hoda Kotb  and Sandra Bullock. They were talking about adoption. Sandra Bullock said the following: “I hope me telling my story let’s people know that there is no end game. There are hundreds of thousands of children that are ready to be your child. You are a forever parent the [...]

A mind set.

I read an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday. It was titled, Medicine, heal ourselves. I read this: “Patients come to their doctor expecting to be healed. This expectation, if properly nurtured and managed by a caring physician, accounts for a good 40 percent of the patient’s healing. How else can we explain the genuine [...]

Helping the homeless.

The Joe Kimutis Memorial Fund donated $1,000 to Our Lady of Grace school. The funds helped them to complete a project for the homeless children in Allegheny County. They stood up for homeless children that otherwise may not have a voice. They also presented the Homeless Children’s Education Fund with 50 backpacks filled with toys [...]

A tree-lined street.

It is so nice to feel the warm temperatures. It is great that it is finally summer-like weather here in Pittsburgh. John and I were sitting out on our deck last night. Next month it will be seventeen years since we moved into this house. Wow, those years went by quickly. Since it was a [...]

Back in the ‘burgh.

Friday, John, Sadie and I flew to St. Louis to visit John’s mama, Marlene. I love that Southwest now has a direct flight. You leave Pittsburgh at 12:30 and because of the time change you arrive at 12:50. I just love that. I remember when the kids were little and we would load up the [...]

Off the grid.

I am excited about this weekend. John, Sadie and I are heading to St. Louis to spend some time with John’s mama, Marlene. I will not be taking my computer. Mama does not have internet service at her house. I’m taking a break. I won’t be writing my blog. I am going to do my [...]