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Joe Kimutis Memorial kindness and compassion scholarship.

After Joe died,  John, Sadie and I began the Joseph Kimutis Memorial Fund through the Pittsburgh Foundation. As so many people were telling us that the song “For Good” from the Broadway show, Wicked, reminded them of Joe, we thought it important that we continue to do things “For Good” in his memory. With that said, [...]

Time to go.

So, our time here together is coming to an end. One week was not long enough for me. Sadie and I had a nice time together. We arrived last Tuesday. Sadie had a cold which quickly became mine. We did spend a day in the condo with a stack of Redbox movies. Honestly, I was [...]

Time together.

It is Sunday. Sadie and I arrived here on South Hutchinson island last Tuesday. She was not feeling well. By Thursday I was sick too. So, we rented movies and weathered the fevers and the coughs. Yesterday, we faked it until we made it. Today, we will do the same. It is so nice just [...]


It is going to be a good day! Sadie and I are going to the airport. We will be spending the next week together, in Florida. I am so thankful and grateful for this time together. During my mother’s last few years she and I spent a lot of time together at our condo in [...]

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter! Easter means many things to people.  As a child, it was a day that we sold flowers at “Tischler Flower Market” located on the corner at my grandmother’s house in Mt. Oliver.  I found a hidden basket, got a new dress and hat and went to Mass. In later years, with my own [...]


“There are only two ways to look at you life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einste1n Today is Good Friday. This is the season of miracles. Ask for a miracle. Today, I am focusing on the miracles.  

Get creative.

I am going to 6th Avenue today. I haven’t been in the garage there in a long time. I have too many things to do today, so I won’t be starting my project, but I will be getting my things in order. I am looking forward to getting paint on my brushes once again. The [...]

Faith in Spring.

I am SO thankful to see the blooms of spring time!  I drove past a row of trees yesterday.  At first they looked heavy with wet snow.  But, no, they were full of white flower blooms.  Beautiful. Everywhere we look we can see new growth.  Rebirth.  I know that for us, John cut the grass [...]

National Siblings day.

Yesterday was National Sibling’s day. I am blessed to have a brother and sister. My brother and sister have both always been important to me, however, now that both of our parents have died, it seems like it is more important than even to be close to them. They are the only people who share [...]

National Caramel corn day.

Today is National Caramel Corn day! I have a lot of memories of my children that remind me of caramel corn. If I were to toot my own horn, I would say that I make some good tasting caramel corn. Sadie calls it “Karma corn”. Good karma with every bite. This is Sadie after we [...]