So long, Johnny.

Well, today is the day. Johnny has to go back to Pittsburgh. We had 10 fun days together. I love being with my Jack. We have a good time just about anywhere. Being here on this island together is very nice. Whether he was biking, running or enjoying a beer, it was great seeing him [...]

Happy Birthday, daddy.

  Daddy in his pond If my dad were still here, he would be turning 94 today.  It has been seven years since we gathered around his bed.  John sang Happy Birthday to him.  A tradition.  As John knelt next to the bed, holding my dad’s hand, I could not have loved either of them [...]

St. Joseph

Yesterday was the feast day of St. Joseph.  I pray to St. Joseph a lot.  St. Joseph was a humble and caring man.  A carpenter.  My own dad was a humble and caring man, and a carpenter. I named my son Joseph. Without hesitation, St. Joseph loved Jesus, unconditionally, even though Jesus was not his biological [...]

Writing a wedding ceremony.

It’s a rainy day here today. It is dark and dreary. It is a good day to stay inside and write a wedding ceremony. My candles are lit. Sage is burning. Music is playing softly. Lana Del Ray, Mariner’s Apartment Complex on a loop. I probably drive John crazy, although he hasn’t said anything. It [...]


Well, I have been here one week. It has been so nice to see my wonderful friends. I love that I have the type of friends that, when I don’t see them for a while, we pick up right where we were. That’s nice. John has been enjoying his time here. He is running and [...]

My next chapter.

Johnny was feeling under the weather, but seems to be back to his old self this morning. He is out on his bike, riding down the island. I am sitting on the lanai in my pajamas, sipping a cappuccino out of my happy mug. I have no idea what my blood pressure is but I’m [...]

A lighter soul.

Johnny is on the island! He arrived yesterday afternoon. He unpacked and got settled in. We went to our favorite place for dinner and live music. I am so grateful and blessed to spend this time here with him. I hope the neighbors did not mind the guitar playing and singing that happened here last [...]

Mama, four years in heaven.

  I woke this morning thinking about my Mama. My Mama died four years ago today, I was sitting in this same condo in Florida when I was told that my mama died. Hearing that news released a primal scream that came from deep, deep within me. How could it be? One word to describe [...]


I am up early today. Travel days are long and stressful for me. I slept great last night, waking to the sound of a bird in a palm tree outside my window. From the looks of it, it is going to be a great day. I’m heading out soon to go to the grocery store. [...]

Bye, Pittsburgh

I am up early today. I have a flight to Orlando this morning at 9:50. I am flying alone today. I have a rental car waiting for me and I will drive south to South Hutchinson Island. It’s only been four months since I was there last, but it seems much longer than that to [...]