Show up people.

Yesterday I wrote about the Pittsburgh Marathon. John and Sadie had a great time. They ran the race with our friend and neighbor, Todd.  Todd ran with them to support Sadie as she ran her first half-marathon. Along the way they saw Todd’s wife, Michelle and son, Jake. Michelle and Jake were cheering for the [...]

My Marathon runners.

I am so proud of my two favorite people. Last Father’s day Sadie told her dad that she would like to run with him. John has been running since about 1992. He has run in many races, including 10 full marathons. He was very excited to hear this from Sadie. That day, they went on [...]

Cinco de Mayo

Each year I post the same blog on May 5th. Today is the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo has always been a big deal in our house.  Since Joe was Mexican and we always wanted him to embrace his heritage, we celebrated with enthusiasm.  I remember one morning when I was waiting [...]

32 years, Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Today is the 32nd anniversary of my journey through toxic shock syndrome. Things could have ended very differently for me. This is an except from my book, Receiving Birth, detailing that experience. Receiving BIRTH 23 May 2, 1986 – A Friend’s Help I live for vacations! With some level of certainty, I think that I must [...]

South Fayette Joe Kimutis Scholarship

Last night Sarah and John went to the “Best of the Best” night at South Fayette High School.  They were there to present a $1,000 scholarship in memory of Joe. To receive this scholarship the student must be a kind and compassionate person. They must have great character and see the good in helping others. [...]


I enjoy watching American Idol. I love watching raw and talents singers. This year there are a few that I like, but one in particular comes to mind. His name is Michael Woodard. Listen to this. C9c9gqKl_xo        

Take another look.

Isn’t it really how we look at any situation that determines how we feel? We all have problems, that’s a given. Whatever is happening now in your life, take a moment. Sit quietly. Take deep breaths. Calm and relax yourself. You may not be able to change your situation, but you can change how you [...]


“There are only two ways to look at you life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einste1n I’m focusing on the miracles today.  

How the body clears energy

I found this article very interesting and want to share: How The Body Clears Energy BY MADISYN TAYLOR When your body is physically ill, try treating your emotions too and view your body as a whole. Whole-self well-being is, in part, the result of a harmonious flow of energy between our physical and mental selves. When [...]

Pieces of April.

It is raining. It is 51 degrees. It is April. Now, it is finally beginning to feel like spring. I love spring. I love the glimpse of what is to come. I love the flowers, buried under the snow all winter, popping up fresh and fragrant. April always reminds me of a song from when [...]