Thank you so very much!!

WOW! What a wonderful day! Thank you to everyone who donated auction items, donated cash, came for dinner, worked at the dinner, bought tickets and supported us! I am so happy! This morning, my heart is full of Joe JOY! I loved looking around the room and seeing my son’s smiling face everywhere! Before the [...]

A day of joy.

Well, today is the day. I look forward to this day all year. It is the one day a year where I can be Joe’s mama. Where I can walk into a room and see him everywhere. It is a day when the spirit of who Joe was is alive in the laughter and love [...]

No need to worry.

It is Friday morning. For the last few days I have been trying to get over a head cold. I do this to myself every year. Worry. I know better. I know that worry makes you sick. Every time. I worry that no one will come to Joe’s dinner, which is tomorrow. I worry that [...]

A grateful day!

It has been more than a few days since I posted a blog. I have been working non-stop over the last week. Finishing up for the year. Now, I am DONE! Now we are in full spaghetti dinner mode. Last week I had only 18 baskets and auction items. Today, near 60!!!!! I am SO [...]

St. Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas did not pay us a visit. Today is St. Nicholas day. This was taken St. Nicholas day in 2009. At that point my kids thought I was nuts, but humored me just the same. When I was a child we received apples or oranges and a small toy. It was less about what [...]

The ripple of Joe Kimutis.

TEN DAYS! Only ten days until our 8th Annual Joe Kimutis Spaghetti dinner. Wow. My favorite day of the year. That also means it will be our eighth Christmas without our Joe. Honestly, if you would have told me that we could have not only survived but thrived over the last eight years I would [...]

Because of Joe.

Yesterday was a good day. The Joseph Kimutis Memorial Fund was able to donate over $5,000 to local food banks, outreach programs and homeless ministries. I just love that we are able to do that in memory of Joe. I miss Joe. Every single day. This time of year makes all of us miss those [...]

Heaven in my kitchen.

Last night I had a dream that my parents and Joe were all sitting around my kitchen table. They were talking and laughing quietly with each other. My parents were both smiling at Joe in the way that grandparents smile at a grandchild. Their eyes hung on his every word. As hard as I tried, [...]

All is well.

Some days all you can do is put one foot in front of the other. Other days you can be jump out of bed and hit the ground running. Whatever kind of day you are having today, I hope there is peace in your heart. All is well.


John, Sadie and I spent the last few days in Virginia. We spent Thanksgiving with John’s sister and her family. The older I get the less family I seem to have in my life. This weekend I felt blessed and very happy to call this family my own. Not only did we have fabulous meals, [...]